Review: The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas

The Last Girl

by Kitty Thomas
Editions: ebook, hardcover
Published February 14th 2012 by Burlesque Press
Source: review copy
Six years ago strangers broke into Juliette’s house; she was home alone and only thirteen. She kept her eyes closed, praying that if she didn’t see anything, she wouldn’t be killed. No one harmed her. In fact, one of the thieves protected her. Now Juliette’s dreams are haunted by him.
Christian has waited to take her, resisting the urge each night. It always ends badly with human pets. They’re too fragile. The longer he can wait, the better, because the moment he takes her, the clock on her life starts ticking down.
Then she’ll be gone forever.
Warning: This book is dark erotica meant for a mature audience only.
~ Goodreads Blurb

About the Author:

Kitty Thomas writes dark literary fiction that explores power dynamics and sexuality (back in the olden days people called it erotica). This work is fiction and meant for an adult audience. The author does not endorse or condone any of the behavior carried out by characters in her stories.
Her work is not “erotic romance”. Often on some level it is about love and/or obsession. Often the couple in some way ends up “together”, but the work should not be expected to follow the conventions of any type of genre romance, erotic or otherwise. If you are looking for genre romance (erotic or otherwise), please read a different author. Erotic romance is “more explicit romance”. This is something different.
Inspiration for Kitty’s work comes from many sources including Story of O, Nine and a Half Weeks, and the work of Claudia D. Christian.

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Ok, so, as you guys might have noticed, I’m a really big fan of power play reads. Well, I mean, not just reads but we’re talking books here, lol. So when the opportunity presents itself for me to read some power play, I’m all in. Go into reading this review, or the short novel itself with the clear notion this is something I’ve read something like mountains on, and what I consider light may be sort of hardcore to some of you. This title is adult reading, and addressed to power play fans.

Short version of my review is, I had a total blast reading this. There were some parts that weren’t exactly my kinks, so to speak, on which I will of course say nothing so I won’t spoil your read in any way. I hate giving off spoilers. But I will mention that if you haven’t read anything about the dynamics of power play relationships, or more like lifestyle and not play (there’s a difference there, ask me if you’re curious, lol), this read might not be the one to start off with. I have no idea what you should start off with, but this is pretty intense reading in some places.

The plot was sort of awesome, I loved the story through and through. This is not a hit and run sort of affair, Christian and Juliette get to know each other at some point, and then the affair happens years later. There’s this cool build up because of that, this isn’t instalove or instapassion or whatever. I really loved that. The whole story developed quickly once they got together, but it didn’t feel rushed because they weren’t stranger s bumping into each other. This aspect of the chemistry between the main characters is a make or break sort of thing for me in these reads. I have to believe there’s a strong connection there, that there’s this insane longing, this savage desire to own this person, to own every one of their breaths if it’s possible. obsession and absolute possessiveness are natural parts of such a scenario, and they’re key elements to making the story feel believable to me. I had that here, though as a personal note I would have loved this whole thing to have been explored more in depth, for the dynamics of the couple to happen a notch slower. Yes, that would mean mountains more of tension, which is, by large, my favorite part of things. Tension, insane intensity can’t be reached without mountains of it. And it’s intensity that I love in everything, reads, stories, characters, you name it.

The characters were interesting, but I wouldn’t say I was completely a fan of either of them. I tend to be the fan of the alpha in any story, and I particularly love the master in a story. Maybe we’ll talk about some of my favorite reads ever sometime, I’m a big fan of the master/pet sort of thing. Ranting, sorry. As I was saying, the characters here didn’t make a fan out of me though I was very with everything going on. Though on their own they didn’t completely charm me, as a pair they had awesome chemistry, and I particularly liked the way their relationship developed.

The writing style was a bit different from my usual, it’s a present tense narrative. It’s a bit edgier by large compared to a past tense narrative, and in a story like this one that’s going to make more then a bit of difference. The present tense had me totally on the edge of my seat, things felt tenser. I think it had a really positive effect on the read overall, though I would have loved this just as much with a past tense, don’t get me wrong. Another thing that I love is we have a constant POV and it’s Juliette’s. It’s a good point of view for my personal tastes, though it’s certainly fun to read stories from the other POV as well. I think you’ve noticed I tend to lean more in favor of first person narratives, and this is a first person.
Vivid writing, all the fun things were in there without becoming completely overwhelming (for me, you might feel differently though).

All in all I’d say this was a great lot of fun to read, intense but not overwhelming. Give it a try, I had fun with it.

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  1. Livia ~ BoM Books

    Haha, well, I’m speaking about how I make these differences. Power play is a general term I use for the relationships that are based in any specific way on power dynamics in the couple, domination and submission. But I have another notion for it as well, there are relationships where the dom/sub scenario only happens in the bedroom, you know? When I say lifestyle I’m thinking the sort of relationships where there’s no off mode for it, where the roles of dom and sub aren’t play time, they’re a 24 hours sort of thing. It’s not spice, you know, it’s the meal 😀 
    This is how I make the difference between the two things 😀 Made sense?


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