Fluttering Thoughts: Gaven series by J.C. Owens

I’m just going to quickly introduce the Fluttering Thoughts section, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I finally found a format for it that I like.

The Fluttering Thoughts, my butterfly-inspired version of a quick review or something of that nature, succinct, clear and short, will be a particular type of flash-review I’ll do. I’ll also do a Fluttering Thoughts for some books instead of a hardcore, full length review, for the simple reason that sometimes I read many books in a short span of time. Too many to do hardcore reviews of, but then I feel bad for not giving you guys my thoughts on the books. Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. Without further ado, I give you the first installment of my Fluttering Thoughts.

Gaven (Gaven #1)

By J.C. Owens
Editions: ebook
Published August 8th 2009 by Loose Id, LLC (first published August 4th 2009)
Genre: MxM Adult PNR (hot romance) / light Power Play
Source: own copy
When the Masarians attack Gaven’s people, they are defeated and Gaven himself is taken captive. By a man claiming to be his father. It turns out his entire life has been a lie, and now his ‘father’ will give him into the hands of another man to indoctrinate and train him. Gaven vows he will never shame his people by giving into the Masarians’ way of loving other men.

But Vlar, the legendary warrior to whom he has been given, has other plans. The blood-drinker is determined to have Gaven and to make him yield.
~ Goodreads Blurb

World Building: Interesting fantasy world, cool creatures and diverse cultures.
Characters: Charismatic, especially Vlar. Gaven was interesting too, and they had a fun chemistry but more due to Vlar’s charm then the combined charms of both, in my opinion. Other characters were interesting too but not overly focused on.
Plot: I had fun with the story, though the explanations for why Masarians do mostly m/m couples didn’t sit well with me, these sort of explanations never score a lot of points for me; by this I mean why should there be an explanation to why people get together, regardless of who they are? But that’s just a tiny thing that poked at me while reading, it wasn’t majorly capitalized on or anything.
Writing: Sort of high fantasy style, fit with the sort of high fantasy world. First person narrative with an interesting voice for Gaven, the MC – this always scores more points for me then the third person narrative.
Curb Appeal: Sexy cover. It gives off a relatively correct impression considering the hot, adult romance sort of lines of the read. 


The Bonding (Gaven #2)

By J.C. Owens
Editions: ebook
Published August 17th 2010 by Loose Id
Genre: MxM Adult PNR (hot romance) / some Power Play
Source: own copy
Gaven learns that being Vlar’s pupil in all things is a mixture of pain and pleasure. He hates his Finnarian teacher…doesn’t he? Yet his body betrays him time and again, especially when he experiences the sexual ecstasy of a Finnarian bite and the giving of his own blood. There seems to be so much more in their relationship than either of them can understand, so Vlar calls in his father, a Finnarian prince. What he tells them shakes Gaven to his core and he fears he cannot possibly live up to what Vlar wishes of him. Then when they seem to be on the edge of truly discovering each other, a shadow from Gaven’s past comes to shatter it all to pieces.
~ Goodreads Blurb

World Building: Interesting, it made even more sense and felt more natural to me since the first book in the series had already laid the ground work, so to speak.
Characters: Liked Gaven more, perhaps because he made a lot of sense to me and I felt he developed more here, he became more of an active player in his life. Loved that. Loved Vlar, again, though he shined less then in the first book for me. Loved the development of both Gaven and Vlar and of their romance. Better chemistry between them, and liked to get to know more about other characters. 
Plot: As other elements, it felt more developed compared to the first. I liked the developments, though there was this slightly different pace of events from one part of it to another. That difference was a bit odd.
Writing: It engaged me less then #1 for some reason. The author has a good sense of starting off strong each title, they both start with a bang, so to speak, but the style here felt a bit too high fantasy-ish to me, and high fantasy writing isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Same first person narrative, Gaven is still the MC.
Curb Appeal: Sexy cover, maaaaybe a bit too fleshy. This may be a bit misleading, as the read isn’t quite as hot as the cover led me to believe. 

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Draconian Measures (Gaven #3)

By J.C. Owens
Editions: ebook
Published May 10th 2011 by Loose ID
Genre: MxM Adult PNR (hot romance)
Source: own copy
The immortal Finnarians mate for life and once they find their mate, nothing on earth can make them leave them. But what about when that mate is not Finnarian at all, but a stubborn, fiery, extremely irritable Draconian? What if that Draconian wants nothing at all to do with his Finnarian mate? It seems the Finnarian prince, Sadan, is going to have his work cut out for him. Fortunately, he is just as stubborn and far more persistent than said Draconian has ever had to deal with.

Graitaan is the last remaining Draconian and he has attracted the eye of a Finnarian prince, who claims that he is his bloodmate. Sadan may want to be mated, but Graitaan has developed a passionate hatred for his Finnarian commander, prince or not. Too bad Finnarians are persistent as the hells. Especially this one.
~ Goodreads Blurb

World Building: Cool, as with the other 2. The settings change, we’re on a battle field in campaign for the better part of the story, and we get to see some Finnarian world too.
Characters: Awesome, both of them. Graitaan was irresistible, and so was Sadan. Their chemistry was pretty much explosive and I loved their interactions. They both developed during the read and their relationship developed.
Plot: Perhaps less complicated then in the first 2, but this is can be read as a stand alone basically because of it. It had a more dynamic feel to it.
Writing: Spectacular! Though some of the high fantasy tone is kept, there’s a radical change in style, as the MC is changed. First person narrative from Graitaan’s POV, and the dude is hilarious. I laughed like crazy, had endless fun reading this. I would re-read it anytime, it was just that much fun.
Curb Appeal: Great cover, liked it better then the others I think.

Amazon | Barnes&Noble

Overall, I say give them a try if you like fantasy worlds and awesome creatures, but you should totally give Draconian Measures a read, it’s just hilarious and awesome fun.


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