Review: Crimson Shadow By Nathan Squiers

Crimson Shadow Noir

By Nathan Squiers
Editions: ebook, paperback
Published by Crushing Heart and Black Butterfly May 1, 2012
Xander Stryker wants to die.

Ever since witnessing his mother’s murder at the hands of his abusive stepfather when he was a boy, he has spent every day trying to reach that goal. But every night he’s denied the death he craves.

When his eighteenth birthday approaches, an unforeseen chance for change is offered when his life is plunged into chaos and he’s dragged into a supernatural world of vampires and other creatures of darkness. Caught in the depths of this new reality, mysteries of his supernatural lineage begin to unravel and Xander is given the ultimate choice:

Continue on with his wretched life or begin a new one as the vampire he was always meant to be.

Unfortunately, the supernatural world can be just as unforgiving and brutal as any other and Xander’s choice is met with disastrous consequences. Now, with the chaos of the new world pressing down on him, his past reemerges and once again threatens to crush him. Will Xander be able to use his new strength to conquer his fears, or will he succumb to his own bloody darkness…

… and allow it to finally destroy him.
~ Author Blurb

Well, I’ll begin by saying I was on the fence with this rating, I still can’t much decide between 3 and 4 butterflies, it’s right up on the edge there, lol. But as usual, if I’m not feeling a clear 3 then I’m going with a 4.

Now, there are two schools of thought regarding info about plots: the one that thinks information is info-dump and much prefers to dive right in the action (more commercial approach, in my opinion, plot/action-driven view), and the one that thinks information is essential to characters and their actions/reactions making sense, that it gives circumstances and helps the story make better sense character-wise (more literary approach, in my opinion, character/development-driven view). I’m clearly and undoubtedly of the second. I’m all about the character development, even in commercial-ish reading. So I want circumstances and the intro to the story before getting into the action, whereas others will call this “info-dump”.
There was no “info-dumping” in this story; I would have enjoyed it more, I think, if I would have had some facts prior to the action per se. But that’s just me.

The characters were interesting, particularly Xander. There was this dark vibe about him that always draws me in a character (or a person as well), and yet because it reminded me so much of someone specific it made me feel odd throughout the read. This is the second time I’ve had this happen to me with a read, and the fact that something about a character makes me constantly think of someone I know I find alters how I perceive the story. On the one hand, I get a lot more emotionally involved with that character and thus I’m more curios about what happens and how the story goes, on the other hand though, it makes the tough parts of the read tougher, you know? So I’m conflicted by default, lol. The read has a lot more impact in these circumstances, and as always I feel I need to be really straightforward about it with you guys.
There was another particularly notable character for me in this story, and it was Kyle. I’d love to watch him impersonate a potato in a big and steamy bath of boiling oil. Enough said. 😀

The plot was really interesting, there was a lot of juicy conflict and it had me stewing in my own juices for basically the whole read. What I really loved about this read was the creative dimension of the let’s call it paranormal side of things. There was enough action to give me a rush, but not so agitated that it would bore me.
I know, odd, but agitated action (like Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren and such movies) bores me to death, it’s as interesting to me as pealing paint – maybe less, pealing paint does have its intrinsic charms, you know? I’ve began growing quite impatient with agitated action.
This plot was dynamic and alert without becoming agitated, without losing sense or direction. This is how action is supposed to be, as dark or not as it may be, this is the optimal pace of things, and Nathan Squiers has hit it just right for my reading pleasure.

As always, I’ll comment on the cover a bit, because, I mean…just look at it! Hot or what, right? Totally awesome. I’m a real coverwh0re, and I do buy books based on covers simply because I love the covers. I’m actually more likely to buy paperbacks of books either because I already read them and loved them, or because the covers are just so freaking amazing. For my reading curiosity I’ll most likely go with the ebooks 😀 I’d get this baby in paperback 😀

So, overall, I say this was a fresh and interesting read. I really liked the vibe of the writing, the pace of the read and I’m looking forward to the next installments in this series.

For more info check out the Facebook Series Page, and check the author site for more links.

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1 thought on “Review: Crimson Shadow By Nathan Squiers

  1. Nathan Squiers

    Hey there,

    Just came across this review for my book and wanted to thank you formally for the sincerity and well thought-out approach to the reviewing process. While I pride myself on being an entertaining read, I make a conscious effort to maintain continuity and professionalism in the literary process (both with the mechanics and the style of optimizing the delivering a story without compromising the pacing and tone) and I’m genuinely honored.

    Many thanks & much love,
    Nathan Squiers
    (The Literary Dark Prince)


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