Review: Masquerade by Kayden McLeod


By Kayden McLeod
Editions: ebook
Published by Silver Publishing (first published October 30th 2010)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: review copy
What lies behind the façade isn’t always what it seems
Abigail claimed the land of North Vancouver as her own, sharing it only with a clan of vampires, the Jericho Coven, who accepted the werewolf into their territory without qualm. Within their numbers is one, Cyrus Jericho; a suave, brooding vampire who isn’t quite as he appeared. He declares Abigail for his own the moment they meet, despite the fact that another werewolf pack is in British Columbia looking to claim Abigail into their midst, no matter what they must do to see that goal complete.
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Yummy cover alert, yet again! This is the second Kayden McLeod title I read and it’s the second with a gorgeous cover, I’m seeing a pattern here 😀 Need to stalk the website and see if all are as gorgeous or it’s just these ones.

The story in this novella has a rapid pace of events. We’ve got some glamorous lifestyle, vampire covens, werewolves packs, some politics going on, the loner theme, the epic legend thought to be dead who returns theme, some possessive claiming of mates, zombie fight scene, black magic, the works! For such a short read it brings a lot of punch, you know? And if you think all these elements might just be too much for anything less lengthy then a novel, I’ll let you know it just works out in this case, though it may not in others of the same length. It just does.
There’s enough action to keep you hooked, some really interesting character development going on though I’ll admit it’s a bit in the back seat compared to the action (depending on what you like, this is either a plus or not so much, but for both points of view it works great in my opinion), but we basically have a mix of so many elements that could go wrong in a combination – and they don’t, they mix awesomely.

As far as characters go, I felt plenty of them were mysterious, intriguing and charismatic. I was intrigued by Abigail and Cyrus, of course, but also by Ada for instance, and Dina, you get the point here I’m sure. Would I want to read more about these characters? Definitely.

The writing was lovely, great imagery and focus, especially on the fight scenes. I mean, zombies popping out of their graves, magic, werewolves, werewolf-vampire combos, it could easily get out of hand, you know? It doesn’t. The panoramic view is put together really well, the zoom in fighting is great.

All in all, I totally say give this a try if you’re into some paranormal romance with kickass fighting, give this novella a shot. I had fun reading it, and I think you’ll do too.

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