Guest Post: The Research by Natasha Orme

The Fullness Of Quiet

By Natasha Orme
Editions: ebook
Publisher: Any Subject Books (July 8, 2012)
Genre: YA Romance

Jocelyn is a profoundly deaf teenager living with her father and younger sister, Helen. Since the death of their mother, Jocelyn has tacitly assumed the homemaker role and is beginning to build a life for herself.

Romance is in the air when a new boy arrives at her deaf school and things seem to be on the up at long last. Unfortunately for Jocelyn, all is not set to run smoothly with the star-crossed lovers nor at home where the drama begins with Helen becoming seriously ill.
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Getting the research right

Some genres work perfectly well fuelled by simple imagination with Science-fiction and Fantasy being prime examples. However research is a key element to every piece of writing whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

There are different types of research:

        The Factual

        The Genre

        The Bestsellers

It is often assumed that the art of storytelling is simply making things up but that’s not the case. The most common form of research is the Factual. This is simply knowing what it is you’re writing about. You will often find that the authors that work mostly on factual research are the crime-writers. They are the people that spend hours with the real police in order to ‘get their facts straight’. For me, I spoke to the kind people at the Centre for Deaf People in Bristol. This became an important factor of the writing and without it, the book couldn’t have been finished.

A lot of people underestimate the power of research; even the simple idea of reading around the Genre and finding out what the Bestsellers are is extremely useful. The Genre simply helps originality which is what every writer strives for.

Finally, if it’s been done before then it’s not worth recreating unless it can be done differently and, using the Bestsellers list, an author can adapt what they write to suit what the audience wants.

Good research is always vital as it plays an elemental role in the formation of a story and without it, only ignorance remains.

About the Author:

Natasha Orme is a talented young writer, expanding her stories into all genres. She has been published in the International Army Magazine called The Craftsman based on her experience at a Military Boarding School. She aims to expand her abilities as a writer and branch out into a variety of genres.  Natasha is currently at University studying Creative Writing.

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