Fluttering Thoughts: Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden

Toonopolis: Gemini (Toonopolis Files, #1)

  • By Jeremy Rodden (author), Cami Woodruff (illustrator)
  • Editions: ebook, hardcover, paperback
  • Published May 30th 2011 by Portmanteau Press LLC (first published May 10th 2011)
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy / Adventure {seemed more MG to me}
  • Source: review copy
  • Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. As the center of the Tooniverse, it acts as an other-worldly rest stop for these creations.

    Gemini is a teenage human boy who is thrust into Toonopolis through his father’s scientific research program. He loses part of himself in the process and immediately begins a quest to regain his lost memories with the help of his Tooniverse guide named Jimbob the Talking Eggplant.

    After an altercation with a mysterious Shadowy Figure, Gemini’s mission is changed, and he begins a new quest to defeat Shadowy Figure and protect Toonopolis from his nefarious destruction. Along the way, he meets new friends, discovers just how diverse and strange Toonopolis is, and learns lessons about compassion, forgiveness, redemption, and being true to oneself.
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: Fun, but not for me.

  • World Building: Original and interesting, I found the whole world of Toonopolis and its inhabitants interesting.
    Characters: Worked for middle grade reader, in my opinion. I didn’t connect with them at all and couldn’t really invest myself in their stories.
    Plot: Fun and original, though not my flavor.
    Writing: Flowed smoothly and had a fun tone to it, I think younger readers or people who enjoy reads for young people would have a lot of fun with it.
    Curb Appeal: For me, personally, slim. But the cover reflects the world of the read very well, and the blurb is interesting.

    All in all, more of 2.5 read. This was an original concept and it read well, but it was too middle grade for me, really. Adventure and fantasy, coupled with middle grade, not a good match for me.


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