Children of the New Era by Meinos Kaen

Children of the New Era

  • By Meinos Kaen
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published/Expected pub here
  • Genre: YA Sci-Fi
  • 2354 AD. 300 AD according to the new calendar. Three hundred years ago, humanity reached its next evolutionary step, suddenly and irreversibly.

    It was a change it wasn’t ready for.

    Everything changed. Governments. The way to wage war. How parents relate to their children. The human race itself was changed and contorted, physically and mentally, with no way of going back and little idea of how to go on.

    Three hundred years after the Day Humanity Evolved, a small group of people come together drawn in by a blog and its peculiar contents, unsuspecting of the incident they would be involved in, and the lengths one of them would go to not let its memory fall into oblivion, defiant of danger.

    The times are starting to change again. And Henry and the others are going to find themselves the vanguard.

    ~ Goodreads

    About the Author & Links:

    SciFi author, reviewer and blogger. I love music, Parkour, videogames, and anything fiction. As long as it’s good. Otherwise, I’m going to find you Liam Neeson style.

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