Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux

Suddenly Beautiful

  • By Boone Brux
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: June 10th 2013 by Entangled: Covet (first published May 20th 2013)
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal / Romance
  • Source: review copy
  • Being the son of Aphrodite isn’t a walk in the clouds. Rebelling against his demi-god status, billionaire make-up mogul Toraos Stephanos fights to separate his personal life and the immortal world by swearing off demi-god girlfriends forever. Too bad his newest employee can’t take the hint.

    Though Nikki secretly pines for her smoking hot boss, no way will she jeopardize her job and independence professing her love to a guy so clearly out of her league. Too bad that leaves her with only imagining him naked and thinking evil thoughts about the new girl. After a single bottle of Ambrosia and one night of passion… Nikki finally thinks she has a chance with the man of her dreams. But the next morning, Tor pretends like nothing happened, leaving Nikki with an emerging drive for combat—after all, turns out she is the daughter of Ares and she’s about to make her mama proud.

    All is fair in love and war… and Nikki’s not about to let anyone forget it.

    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: funny & hot

  • Worldbuilding: Contemporary NY mixed with paranormal (mythological) elements – Greek gods and demi-gods
    Characters: Nikki, the main character, was a riot. She was spunky, a hard worked and very loyal. I loved her and felt it was uber-easy to get emotionally in tune with her.
    Tor was very alpha, the workaholic type and a bit of a neatness-freak. You know the type, people who want things to fit in neat little categories and compartments and stay there? (I’m one of them, lol). I loved reading about Tor.
    The one on one was hot and engaging, I loved the chemistry between Nikki and Tor. On a sidenote, I wanna read a story featuring Ares. I demand a story featuring Ares xD
    Other characters were interesting as well, Aphrodite for instance and Stacy, loved them both. Creed wasn’t too bad either, hehe.
    Favorite Character: Ares, totally! I LOVED him xD
    Plot: The story was fun and engaging. The romance arc was the main focus of the story, and it falls into the boss/employee scenario but with fun little twists.
    Writing: Third person narrative, from Nikki’s POV mostly but with inserts from Tor’s POV. The characters had distinctive voices and I loved the way Boone Brux handled tension of all kinds.
    Curb Appeal: Gorgeous cover, intriguing blurb – impulsive buy material.

    All in all, this was a fun and hot romance read and if you like some Greek gods mischiefing (totally made that word up, lol) around and chuckling about their shenanigans, definitely give this baby a try.

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    About the Author & Links:

    As a multi-published and an award winning author, Boone’s writing drips with experiences from real life.

    Addicted to anything that might make a good story, she weaves tales that range from dark fantasy to humorous romance. Settled in the icy regions of Alaska with the love of her life and twin daughters, it’s not uncommon to find her tapping away on her iPad on a windy beach or the barren tundra.

    Be warned, anyone and everything is fodder for one of Boone’s novels.

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    4 thoughts on “Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux

    1. Kim Engstrom

      Very nice review!

      I absolutely love Suddenly Beautiful! I was captivated from page 1 and refused to put the book down until I finished the book. I sincerely hope there is more in store with this storyline!


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