New Butterfly Team & Open Review Request!!

I’m entirely thrilled to tell you that after my butterfly mating call, lol, a few brave new butterflies are joining the team!! How exciting is that? Wanna know who they are?



“If you can’t find me on Twitter or my blog: look in our garden: I surely am jumping on the trampoline with the worlds best husbands children or hunt the latest weeds in our flowerbeds. Have also been seen with a mug of tea in one hand and “The Lord of the Rings” or “The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in the other (I am joking I also read other books just visit me on Goodreads). And never without music. Unless I am at work…”

Bee Social:
Goodreads | The River is flowing… | Twitter

You’ll meet Bee on the Bee on Books feature, first Thursday of every month. I’m totally looking forward to having her first Butterfly review here on the blog, and it’s gonna happen in May.



You may know this awesome gal from her book blog, Celestial Reviews.
You’ll find Brooklynn here on the blog every Sunday starting late April, with her new feature called Brooklynn’s Butterflies.



And finally, you can expect Shurrn to bring on the smexeh every Monday with her awesomesauce indie-dedicated feature Indie Flutters.
Yep, that’s right, indie dedicated! I’m thrilled to say self-published authors & all others of course are more than welcome to request reviews of their titles. I declare the Review Request section officially open once again!!

To accommodate all our needs, the review request MO is now changed. You’ll use a form to submit your book details, and if/when a title is picked up by a member of our team, they’ll email you about it. You can tell from the from what genres we’re interested in, or look over the last part of the Policy if you’d like. Our main thing is Romance, of all kinds, of all heat levels. Bring it on!

I’m always open to spotlight/guest/interview requests, that hasn’t changed at all and it won’t in the future either. What’s gonna change is you’ll get more awesome titles reviewed, plus more voices than mine 🙂

Watch out baby, here we come!


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