Book-o-Sphere Flutters ~ May 25th Edition & Fan Art Up! (3)

I’m gonna apologize right now, cause my usual map of the trolling blogger is gonna be real short this week… I’ll explain the why in just a minute here. But first…

Flutter-worthy News

  • Carmenl @ Rabid Reads talked about Paranormal New Releases: May 20th – and she’s turning merciless with these lists, I’m telling you!
  • Anna @ Herding Cats&Burning Soup talked about FREE & 99cent ebooks plus New Releases! – loooots of one-clicking happened there… *shakes head at self*
  • Giselle @ Xpresso Reads talked about Fresh Batch (New Releases May 18th – 24th) – just to make sure you didn’t miss anything you wanted to get πŸ˜€
  • Hey, at least I wanna make sure we all get our freebies & new releases on! Promise to troll twice as much next week and make it up to you!! *mwahahaha*

    Tips&Tricks for the pro butterfly: When your system crashes…

    Don’t Panic!
  • I panicked like hell!! It was close to midnight, on my birthday no less, and I was chilling, listening to some music, when the freaking power went out! Nooo! It came back up quickly, yeeey! The desktop refused to start up again though, Windows was a goner 😐 NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    So, what I sneackily did was force myself to go to bed and not start looking into it then! My OCDness was squealing that we have to move now, look into it, fume, wail, you know, the usual – but I held strong, and went to bed instead, cause I knew there’d be horror coming the next day!
  • Per Murphy’s laws, if it can go wrong, it will, so keep in mind…
  • It might be just as bad as you think it is. But it might not. Check (or have someone check) your hardware first, cause sometimes it seems like a software issue but it’s not. So go harass someone at a service to look into it and pray. This is the right time, cause if it is a hardware issue, it might be a whole lotta money running away from that projected book-budget for this month, possibly the next too, maybe even the one after that, lol!
    Luckily in my case, it wasn’t, and so I moved on to…
  • Battling the BSoD
  • Lovingly called BSoD, short for Blue Screen of Doom, it’s the sure sign your Windows is fuc…uhm, a goner :)) And you might be a goner too, cause sometimes it takes a LOT of determination to fiddle your way around installing a fresh copy of it. Cause that’s the solution, especially when it won’t boot, like mine wasn’t. As in, it wouldn’t even boot the freakin’ CD to install/repair/whatever. Priceless long moments (like 8 hours or smtg) of fiddling with BIOS, copious amounts of swearing – hey, don’t judge me, it was either that or going out on a killing spree with my USB key. In the end, the miracle happened, thank the techy gods!
  • Just when you think it’s over…
  • I’d installed the fresh copy of Windows, and had just finished installing drivers. What would you say happens at this point? Take a guess. Just a wild guess, run with it.
    *shakes head* THE POWER SUDDENLY GOES OUT AGAIN!!! I grabbed my phone and tried to make some light with it, and its battery was suddenly dead too. 😐
    Then I had this terrible, horrifying, traumatizing thought that maybe it’s the end of the electric world or some EMP attack or something. I freaked the hell out!!!
    But it wasn’t, just another power flop. They happen over here. They’re fixed pretty quickly, or take hours to get solved, depending on the issue :))) But meh, at night, I mean who’s even gonna know right? And I was standing there in the dark, with a candle lit, contemplating the idea that I might actually rather it be an EMP than finding out that my Windows was screwed again for some funky reason :))
    But I checked it out in the morning and it was all systems go, so hurrah!!!
  • Why it wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as it might have been…
  • All my seriously important stuff isn’t on the partition of the HDD where I have Windows installed. I could have formatted the disk too for a really clean install (but I didn’t, not a fan of formatting if I can avoid it xD)
  • I had my MiniMe ie my laptop to surf the web and etc, but my serious stuff is on the desktop. I wouldn’t have been cut off entirely, but all my serious stuffs would have been on hold – bummer.
  • In case real catastrophe struck – HDD ruined – I have backups of my stuff on my laptop and selective backups of my most important stuff on 2 USB keys πŸ˜€
  • I didn’t lose my net surfing data at all cause I use Chrome for my main browsing, and have an account, so all my bookmarks, settings, etc are always available to me by logging into my account on any machine or fresh install – and Jesus Christ, was I happy about it!! All in all, there was no data loss, which is really good xDD
  • I forced myself to take breaks so I wouldn’t go nuts, everyone else who helped did their part promptly, and in the end I came out of it without leaving a trail of dead bodies behind πŸ˜€
  • So, learn from my freakout moment, lol. Backup your important data, prioritize the data you have, keep calm and learn the art of pestering everyone else so they do their thing quickly and you have the issue solved in no time, haha!
    Also, always have your phone’s battery fully charged at all times, so you don’t think there’s an EMP attack when the power goes out… >_>


    (This was me all through the process of desktop crash, hahaha, keep on keeping on!!)

    Fan Art Up!

    This week’s fan art is based on my SCREAM moment, evening of May 21st :)) Which is funny, since Tabitha’s doodle this week is also not book-based, lol! The artistic inspiration is Munch’s The Scream
    Feast your eyes on…



    14 thoughts on “Book-o-Sphere Flutters ~ May 25th Edition & Fan Art Up! (3)

      1. Livia Post author

        Haha, backup, backup, backup! And thanks, I’ve planned myself a really chilaxed weekend, reading, movies = 0 stress factor. Then once Monday comes along, I’m back on a roll πŸ˜€

      1. Livia Post author

        We always panic, obviously πŸ˜€ Backups or not, goner PC is the horror of all horrors, lol!!! Only worse thing is no electric power whatsoever, on my personal Doom & Destruction list. And I’ve experienced two out of top 3 lately, lol, hack attack, Windows flat-line, aaaand the possibility of EMP :))) Which is as close to End of the World as I can personally picture *shudder*

    1. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

      Oh my gosh, I always have a heart attack when my computer dies like that, all my wonderful photos! I always keep my important documents separate from my windows partition but you’ve just reminded me to do multiple backups on my HDD. Hilarious about the EMP attack, but I’m glad you got up and running eventually πŸ™‚
      Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…The Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman Review: Hitler up close and personalMy Profile

      1. Livia Post author

        Haha, good, I’m proud of your file-care!! But yep, do multiple backups cause you never know… >_>
        I can’t tell you the horror of that moment, when I tried to use the phone for light and I KNEW it had a full battery like half hour ago :)) I’m still not sure what the hellz happened to it, the battery doesn’t act up, this was the only time :)))

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