Indie Flutters: Anyone but Alex by Katy Regnery – Excerpt & Giveaway

Anyone but Alex

    • By Katy Regnery
    • Editions: eBook
    • Published:  September 3, 2014
    • Source:  Review by Request
    • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • In a Flutter: Fabulous Romance!



“Anyone but Alex” is the third of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Sort of. Barrett and Fitz are officially off the market, Alex has sampled every piece of available ass from Rittenhouse Square to the Liberty Bell, Stratton can’t seem to see what’s right in front of him, and don’t even get me started on Alex Pettyfer look-alike, Weston…)

Alex English, the well-known man whore of the country club set, has always preferred to play the field, eschewing a chance with Miss Right for a satisfying quickie with Miss Right-Now. But after seeing his two older brothers take the plunge, something has been aching inside of Alex, and no amount of casual sex seems to fill the void in his heart.

Jessica Winslow, whose older brothers are best friends with the English brothers, has returned home from a fifteen-year stay in England, only to find herself face-to-face with her childhood crush, Alex English, on her first night home. She’s heard all the rumors, but Jessie remembers the older boy who was so kind to her as a child, and can’t help reaching out to Alex in friendship.

Between disapproving brothers, scheming exes, and the biggest business deal of English & Sons’ illustrious history, Alex and Jessie’s budding romance is going to be put to the test. The question is…will it be strong enough to be their happily-ever-after? 

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All of The English Brothers books have been blissfully sweet romances with a touch of steam, and this book was no exception!

Alex has had the dubious pleasure of watching his two older brothers get engaged to the women of their dreams. Meanwhile, he’s been drowning himself in endless hookups with most of the women in Philadelphia. He’s earned a reputation and a nickname: The Professor – As in, he can school anyone in how to pick up women.

He’s got some deep issues with commitment, so his reputation hasn’t been much of a problem – the women he hooks up with know exactly what they’re going to get: A handful of orgasms, a nice brunch, and nothing more…

But there’s something wrong with Alex English. Watching his brothers fall in love has him thinking he needs to make some changes in his life… maybe… but he wasn’t an any hurry until one woman offered him something different: friendship…

Jessie grew up in the same affluent neighborhood as the English Family, she and her older brothers played with (and against) the English brothers for as long as she can remember. She’s spent the last twelve years living in London with her mother, but she’s back in Philadelphia for the holidays.

She hasn’t been back in the states for more than 24 hours before she locks eyes with this notorious playboy – and her childhood crush – in the lobby of her brother’s condo building.

It’s all fun and games until your man-whore friend sets his sights on your sister… Jessie hears the message from her bothers loud and clear: Their baby sister can date “Anyone but Alex English”…

There’s a lot of steam in this story, but it’s backed up by sweet romance.

Jessie & Alex have a lot of obstacles to face:
– The Winslow Brothers are vehemently against the pair,
– English & Sons has a huge business deal on the line with the Winslows,
– There are scores of jealous lovers out to warn Jessie away from Alex,
– And Jessie goes back home to London in two months…

These two have all the warmth and familiarity of childhood friends, and that’s strengthened by the “getting to know you” pleasures of mature and intelligent adults who haven’t seen each other in fifteen years.

And when they get together – wow – there’s something to be said for unleashing a reformed Lothario who has the sexual expertise necessary to keep a woman satisfied…


Alex pressed the elevator call button, then turned to look at the opulent lobby as he waited.

Gold-gilded mirrors made the space look even larger and grander as objects multiplied into eternity. Objects like an ornate lamp sconce, a silk brocaded loveseat, or the delectable curve of a woman’s bare back in a black satin evening gown. Delighted by such an appealing distraction, Alex turned around slowly, his eyes sweeping past the sconce and loveseat to the woman on the far side of the room. She was tall and thin, and the very simple, sleek lines of her dress showed every curve: of her waist, her hips, her tight, round ass. The low V of the draped back cut-out stopped at the base of her spine, and he followed the line back up to her neck, which was swan-like: long and elegant. Her jet-black hair, the same color as the dress, was long enough to be worn over one shoulder, the thick, shiny strands waving uniformly, void of any decoration.

            From behind, she was a goddess, and as the elevator rang to announce its arrival, Alex ignored it, staring at the back of the stunning creature who held a black coat over one arm, looking out the plate glass window onto the rain-soaked sidewalk, as though waiting for someone to find her.

            “Alex? Alex English?”

            Alex whipped his head to the voice coming out of the elevator and was surprised to see his good friend, Cameron Winslow, step toward him wearing a tux and a cheerful smile.

            “Hell, I thought that was you!”

            “Cam. Good to see you.” Alex cleared his throat, darting a quick look at the woman by the window, who hadn’t turned around, before looking back at his old friend. “What are you doing here?”

            Cam reached out his hand and took Alex’s in a hearty shake. “Didn’t you know? I moved here. I bought a condo upstairs.”

            “I had no idea.”

            Cam grinned, nodding. “Closer to work. Closer to fun, eh, Professor?”

            “It’s a great neighborhood,” said Alex, holding back a cringe at his college nickname. “I’m just around the corner.”

            “The old make-out pad, eh?”

            “You know me,” said Alex, by rote, knowing the words were expected.

            “Yes, I do, and I thank God I wasn’t born a woman.”

            “Not that I’d bang your ugly mug if you were.”

            “I don’t know how you do it.”

            Lately, I don’t. Not like I used to.

He forced a well-known Alex English smirk. “I love the ladies, Cam. Have to keep them happy.”

            Cam chuckled. “Hey, did you get my message about squash the Thursday after next?”

“After Thanksgiving? No. Are we still on?”

“As long as you’re up for an ass-whipping. Chris wants to play too, so I suggested doubles. Can you get Fitz or Stratton on board?”

“I’ll work on it.”

“Great.” Cam looked around the lobby for a moment, then, after catching sight of the girl in black by the window, returned his glance to Alex. The change in his face was unmistakable, shifting from congenial to wary on a dime. “Well, I guess I better be going.”

            Alex raised an eyebrow flicking his chin toward the goddess. “Is she with you?”

            Cam’s eyes narrowed just a touch. “In a manner of speaking.”

            “What manner might that be?”

            “It’s not like that,” said Cam sharply, and Alex heard the warning in his friend’s voice. Cam’s lips tightened to a straight line as he looked at the girl and then back at Alex. “You don’t recognize her?”

            Alex shrugged. “Should I?”

            “No,” grunted Cam, looking increasingly annoyed. “It doesn’t matter. Hands off. She’s not for you.”

            “Protective, aren’t we, Winslow? Why not let the lady decide?”

            “No, Alex. Not this lady,” said Cam in warning, which surprised Alex, because if she was Cam’s girlfriend, Cam should have just said that, but he hadn’t.

            “What makes this one so special?” asked Alex.

            Cam’s eyes were icy as he stared at Alex, never dropping his friend’s eyes as he called, “Jessica!” in the girl’s direction.

            Alex looked away from Cam to watch the goddess turn around slowly. If Alex had been rendered almost speechless by the perfection of her back, the wind was knocked out of him as he caught sight of her face.

Her black hair curled down over her shoulder in soft waves, but she pushed it back as she stepped toward Cameron. Her skin was so light and flawless that her bowed, red-painted lips drew his eyes like a beacon, and when she smiled, his heart stopped beating for just a second, as if stunned or disbelieving. He raised his gaze to her eyes and found himself captivated by a green so clear and impossible, it made her eyes sparkle like emeralds behind long, dark lashes. She gazed with warmth at Cameron Winslow, the lucky bastard, as she moved gracefully across the marble floor. Out of respect for his friend’s claim on her, Alex was careful not to drop his eyes hungrily to her body, but peripherally, he could see her breasts, high and full, pushed against the thick satin of her dress. The deep V-plunge in the neckline meant the valley between her breasts was on full, luscious display, and his fingers twitched with longing by his sides, the word touch, touch, touch circling around his head like a magic spell.

            His mouth watered as she came closer, bringing with her the scent of tea rose. She cocked her head to the side and her eyes widened in recognition as she looked at Alex. Something pinged in his memory, but his mind was at sixes and sevens, blown away by her beauty, unable to process that yes, she did look a little familiar to him.

            Stopping next to Cameron, she grinned back at Alex merrily.

“Jessica,” said Cam tightly, “I don’t know if you’ll remember–”

            “Alex English,” she said in a lightly accented voice. “Of course.”

            No doubt noting the blank expression on his face, she laughed softly. “But I am fairly certain he doesn’t remember me.”

            “I … I’m so sorry I don’t–”

            Alex’s brain had ceased working the moment she’d turned around, but he was suddenly struck again by the brilliance of her eyes, and flicking a quick glance to Cameron, he realized the color was almost the same. Oh, my God. She’s—You’re—

            “By George, I think he’s got it!”

            “Jessica,” murmured Alex. “Jessie? Jessie Winslow?”

            “The very same,” she answered, chuckling again.

            “The last time I saw you, you were seven-years-old…”


            Fourteen years ago.

Without thinking, he dropped his eyes from her face to the creamy skin of her neck, following the graceful line of her throat to her breasts, still lower, down to her waist—

            “Alex,” warned Cam with genuine menace, making Alex’s neck snap back up. “If you don’t stop checking out my little sister, God help me, it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”


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About the Author

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

Katy Regnery, Amazon bestselling author, has always loved telling a good story and credits her mother with making funny, heartwarming tales come alive throughout her childhood. A lifelong devotee of all romance writing, from Edwardian to present-day, it was just a matter of time before Katy tried her hand at writing a love story of her own.

As it turned out, one love story turned into a series of six Heart of Montana romances, following the love lives of the Yellowstone-based Lindstrom siblings. When Katy’s fans asked her to turn up the heat, she wrote the New Adult/Adult Contemporary hybrid romance, Playing for Love at Deep Haven, which offered steamier romance to her readers. Katy is also proud to offer The Vixen and the Vet, a standalone romance that benefitted Operation Mend, an organization that helps heal the returning wounded of our armed services. The English Brothers is Katy’s second series and first indie series.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children, and two dogs create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories of all are the messy and unexpected ones.


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