Indie Flutters: The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl by Kayla Lords

The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl

    • By Kayla Lords
    • Editions: eBook
    • Published: January 1st 2014
    • Source:  Review by Request
    • Genre: Hot Romance




Katie, a blogger recovering from a broken heart, has sworn off relationships, even though she misses being the babygirl to a strong Dominant man. Afraid to make another connection, she hides behind her blog.

Johnathan knows he’s no Dominant without a submissive. A few conversations with Katie, and he thinks he may have found the woman he needs and craves.

Will Katie and Johnathan find what they need in each other? Can they become Sir and Babygirl?

Join them as they embark on an adventure of the heart, mind, body, and soul with big doses of kinky, BDSM-filled sexual escapades along the way.

~ GoodReads


A good book ruined by an awful main character…

Real Quick – This book was well written, had a decent premise for a romance, and was an easy one-day read…

Unfortunately, the main female character, Katie, killed this book for me.

She was constantly putting herself down,
She had zero self-worth,
Body-image issues, relationship issues,
She couldn’t understand why the male MC would call her attractive…

And this was CONSTANT – that was her whole personality.

She was supposed to be a strong, single-mom with a kinky blog who was relationship shy after a bad break up… She meets a guy who falls for her through reading her posts and they form a relationship which grows deeper as they progress from on-line to real-life encounters…

What we got was a whiny woman with no self esteem.

Katie’s enormous character flaws came into sharp focus as soon as I started reading this book, and I was so preoccupied by how obnoxious she was that I couldn’t enjoy all the parts of the book which were fun and positive.

Maybe this is a case of overly-subjective reading?
No two persons read a book the same way.
Perhaps other readers would enjoy this book if they can over look all the things that annoyed me personally…

This book simply was not for me, folks. I’ll leave the decision up to you if you’d like to read it or not.

About the Author

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I discovered my love of writing at age seven and my sexual fantasies long before I reached adulthood. Now instead of experiencing sexual daydreams, I write them down and publish them for others to enjoy.

I write BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on dominance and submission (D/s). I not only want to turn my readers on, but I want them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn’t scary or degrading.

As a blogger, tweeter, and talker, I love interacting with my readers as much as possible!


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