Indie Flutters: Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

Personal Geography (The Compass #1)

  • By Tamsen Parker
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: December 1st 2014
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: So much BDSM so little time
  • rating-system5

    Powerhouse consultant India Burke is notorious for her razor-sharp mind, her incisive tongue, and for always being in control. But during her “lost weekends”—out-of-town, one-and-done, anonymous rendezvous solely for the purpose of kinky sex—she craves a submissive role.
    Cris Ardmore, India’s latest tryst, is a Dominant who calls an isolated Hawaiian paradise home. India’s expecting forty-eight hours of contractually defined sex, but instead of serving as just another BDSM Band-Aid, Cris wants to know the real India Burke. Despite her aversion to anything approaching intimacy, India is hooked by their incredible sexual chemistry.
    With tension ratcheting up in her professional life, India needs the release Cris offers more than ever, but her repeated visits come with their own risks. No matter how strong their attraction, India is determined to maintain her boundaries in order to keep her life whole after her first love blew it apart. She must choose between taking a chance and handing Cris the road map to her heart or locking down her borders before he does any more damage.

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    I haven’t read a really erotic BDSM heavy story in a long time. That’s not to say that this whole book is just sex scenes back to back. But I would say it is about fifty percent sex scenes and fifty percent storyline and it worked. Not only were the sex scenes super hot but the rest of the story and characters kept me very interested.
    India Burke has sworn off all relationships due to the last one she had. The one that shattered her to pieces and turned her off to intimacy period. She only recently got to a place where those pieces are glued back together again. Sort of. But that’s not to say that she has sworn off the male species entirely. Oh no, she’s got needs and she’s going to get them fulfilled one way or another. She is a powerhouse consultant who is completely glued to her job unless she is having one of her “lost weekends”. Due to changing tides, India’s job becomes even more stressful and has her craving Crispin Ardmore’s specific kind of domination. I really liked India’s character. She was snarky and could give back as good as she got. She was most definitely a ball buster but with a duality of submissiveness that made her seem human. Although, the whole being a jackass towards Crispin in the end of the book made me want throat and vagina punch her a little bit.
    Crispin Ardmore is an enigma. He likes his privacy as much as India does but is willing to let down his guard to make something happen with this amazing woman. His panty melting Dom skills have India all tied in knots, literally. But she can’t figure out why he keeps pushing for more and more. Honestly I loved Crispin and how patient and thorough and thoughtful his character was. He was sweet and firm, a little wily but not overly harsh. I feel like when I read BDSM stories the Dom is usually an alpha male type asshole. It was refreshing to read Crispin’s character and know he was really genuine and didn’t seem to have a malicious bone in his body. Although for some reason even though I know a lot about him at the same time I feel like I know nothing at all!
    I really liked the way this story was written. It is snarky and articulate and I very much enjoyed India’s first person point of view. I think that’s why I feel Crispin is an enigma because I didn’t have his point of view to go off of, in terms of really knowing how he felt about India. Also since this book is erotica a lot of the story consisted of sex scenes but they didn’t feel repetitive or regurgitated. They were tweaked a little bit each time to keep me interested and not skimming my way through the book.
    Furthermore I really liked the other characters that were in the background throughout the story. Rey, Rey, Rey, oh my goodness I loved him!! 🙂 He seems a little bit like an enigma too but one that I would gladly have in my corner. He is like India’s BDSM fairy Godmother and is there for her no matter what. I would honestly love to read his story!!
    All in all this book was a great start in the Compass series. It did end on a cliff hanger but I’m excited to read what is in store for India and Crispin’s relationship. I kind of want her to have to grovel a lot to Crispin since she was such a buttmunch at the end of this story!! *devious smirk* If you’re in the mood for a BDSM heavy story filled with a little romance to hit the spot, I’d say come check this out!



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      1. Rissa

        It’s pretty damn good 😉 there is a second in the series that I am going to be reviewing next week so be on the lookout for that!!


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