Indie Flutters: Saving Kenna by D.L. Raver

Saving Kenna (Indulging #3)

  • By D.L. Raver
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: November 13th 2014
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Having the strength to not give up when you’ve hit rock bottom
  • rating-system5

    I knew from the first moment I saw her, Kenna Campbell would be my undoing. I’ve done my best to stay away from her, but I fail at every turn. Now, she’s been taken from me, and I’ll stop at nothing to get her back.
    Irish born, Sloan Sullivan is a man with a past he can’t escape. Everything about him, from his identity to his profession, is a lie.
    Until he met Kenna, he didn’t think twice about his fraudulent life. Now, his past is threatening his future and preventing him from saving the woman he loves.

    I’ve loved Sloan from the moment I saw him. Though he pushes me away at every turn, and his alpha male tendencies frustrate me, I never leave. I always give him a second chance.
    Kenna Campbell fell in love with Sloan Sullivan when she was sixteen. Throughout the years, she’s stayed true to him even when it hurt her to do so.
    In a heartbreaking turn of events, Kenna falls prey to Marcus Xavier’s evil game. Though she’s physically survived the brutality she suffered at the hands of two men, her emotional and mental scars refuse to heal, and she wonders if she’s broken beyond repair.
    Is love enough to keep these two together, or will the monsters from both their pasts destroy them forever?

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    Warning: The read contains explicit rape scene(s).
    Oh my goodness that story was completely heart wrenching!! I most definitely ugly cried for pretty much all of part two of the story. Kenna’s ordeal just ripped me to shreds and made me root for her happily ever after. This story had me cry and laughing and experiencing every emotion under the sun!
    Kenna Campbell is in for a change of a lifetime. Kenna is kidnapped from her home by a dangerous and deranged man. She becomes embroiled in a plot to be used against her loved ones to satisfy Marcus Xavier twisted schemes. Surviving the horrific deeds done to her was only the first part of her journey, overcoming them is the rest. Will she or will she not have the strength to pick herself back up and fight for the future she deserves? Well that question comes down to one man; Sloan Sullivan. Kenna has been in love him since she was sixteen years old and prays that one day he will feel the same way about her as she does him.
    Sloan Sullivan has lived life as half of a man. Events from his past has shaped his future and he cannot fight to change it. But he wants to. He wants the love of a woman that is his whole world, more than life itself, but he knows he cannot or should not have her. Then she is ruthlessly ripped from his world he realizes too late what his actions and silence has lost him. But he will stop at nothing to get her back and try to make her a part of his life once and for all. Unfortunately the horrific circumstances of her imprisonment push them farther away from each other than ever before. Can they get back what was once lost and build a future?
    Kenna and Sloan had me begging for a happily ever after. Sloan had me pissed off for a while about his hot/cold and back and forth bullshit but he did right by her in the end! I loved how Kenna loved Sloan through everything. She always gave everything she had and always kept coming back. Her character was one of the best heroines I’ve ever read. She was so strong!! Instead of letting what other people did to her take over her life, she made the decision to make herself better and heal.
    This story overall was told extremely well. The delicate parts (her imprisonment) were done with more showing than telling. You felt for Kenna and what she went through. You were right there with her throughout her whole journey. Since I read the first two novels in this series, the rehashing of her kidnapping made me feel like I was reading it for the first time instead of feeling like I was reading something completely regurgitated.
    This story was told in a whole bunch of ways. First of all it was told in dual points of view from Sloan and Kenna. As well as past/present points of view about how Kenna and Sloan’s relationship came to be. I loved that part of the story; their history together was great to read! All their stolen moments and memories was what kept both of them sane during Kenna’s kidnapping.
    Also there were three parts to the story and the mystery/paranormal part of it came to a head in part three. I didn’t really understand the whole emerald and IRA part of the story, I feel like the author kind of left that open ended and unanswered so that the books she writes in the future answer those questions! It kind of just sailed over my head but didn’t detract from the story at all.
    All in all this was another fantastic installment of the Indulging series!! 🙂 Although this can be read as a standalone I recommend reading all of the books so you really get to know all the characters! I’m so freaking excited that Brody and Kieran get to have their own novels! I wasn’t expecting more but I’m happy that they are coming!! I am impatiently waiting to see where this story goes and the twists and turns it throws at us. If you want a heart wrenching tale of being broken down to rock bottom but finding the strength to make yourself better, please come and check out Sloan and Kenna’s gripping love story!



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      1. Rissa

        I hate ugly crying! But I love it! I think a book that can make me feel a whole bunch of different emotions and make me ugly cry is what gets rated pretty high with me. 🙂


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