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Pursued (Novel Series, #2)

  • By Jeff Joseph
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: May 23rd 2014
  • Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: A love that transcends decades as well as generations!
  • rating-system4

    Imagine finding love when it is least expected, and being so caught up in it that it entirely changes the direction of your life. Then just as you know for the first time ever where your life is headed and why, that perfect love disappears, like a wisp of smoke from an errant spark.
    Now imagine that after months of feeling sorry for yourself you suddenly find a reason to live again, love again, and decide to pursue your lost love no matter where it may take you or how much danger it might bring upon you. In that pursuit you uncover secrets, old and dark secrets, that are intent on making certain you not only fail, but that you perish from the face of the earth. You will be tested. Will you pass the test?

    ~ Goodreads



    This story ended up being a lot different than I envisioned it would be! As with the first story in the series, this second novel really revolves around multiple people’s lives. This could be read somewhat as a standalone since the story does a pretty decent job of summarizing the first in the series and giving new information. But in my opinion it would make for a greater experience if both were read!
    The couple that took the main stage this time around was Collin and Kat. They are both writers and have this amazing love that makes each of them a better version of themselves. But Kat believes she, and all she holds dear, to be in danger and to save the one person she loves above all else, she has to make the ultimate sacrifice. I actually really liked both of these characters because I don’t know too many people that would fight this hard for a love. Collin refuses to give up and Kat refuses to give in. It was pretty awesome.
    The plot this time around was just as crazy and unpredictable! We got all this new information but it made a lot of sense!! It was really intense and a rush against the clock kind of tale. It also had all of these different points of views floating around as well as changing back and forth from the present to the past. It was pretty fast paced but had you on the edge of your seat hoping that the outcome would be happy.
    I do have to say that I was pretty disappointed that this wasn’t all about Abby and Daniel’s relationship. For whatever reason I thought that the second novel would talk about how their relationship got started and how it blossomed. Not that the novel would take place twenty years later and involve them loosely at best.
    In the end it was a different story than I was expecting but one that kept me pretty captivated. It has thrills, chills, and a love that can’t be stopped. If you’re interested in a new series read that is heavy on the thriller/suspense but adds that little spice of romance, you should come check this out!


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