Indie Flutters: Magnate by Celia Aaron

Magnate (Acquisition #2)

  • By Celia Aaron
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: January 18th 2016
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Heart-Pounding and Gut-Twisting!!
  • rating-system5

    Lucius Vinemont has spirited me away to a world of sugar cane and sun. There is nothing he cannot give me on his lavish Cuban plantation. Each gift seduces me, each touch seals my fate. There is no more talk of depraved competitions or his older brother – the one who’d stolen me, claimed me, and made me feel things I never should have. Even as Lucius works to make me forget Sinclair, my thoughts stray back to him, to the dark blue eyes that haunt my sweetest dreams and bitterest nightmares. Just like every dream, this one must end. Christmas will soon be here, and with it, the second trial of the Acquisition.
    Full disclosure: This book is a dark romance with elements of slavery, violence, BDSM, and super-hot sex. It is the second book of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. If you’re good with these caveats, enjoy.

    ~ Goodreads



    Seriously every single chapter in this novel had me on edge for information on this horrific trail that was coming up!! It was hinted at around every turn but not until the trial did you really know what was going to happen. These Acquisitions just kept my heart in my throat and my nerves on edge. Magnate is the second novel in the Acquisition series and cannot be read as a standalone.
    Stella Rousseau has changed. As much as she wants to believe that Sinclair is there for her, she now knows differently. But choosing his brother is starting to seem like the wrong choice. Lucius pretends he is easy going and there to help her but in reality he is just as ruthless and unforgiving as his older brother. As the second trial nears and the secrets start unraveling, Stella finds herself ever more captivated by Sin. Will she succumb to harsh and devastating ways or will she find the inner strength to burn everything down to the ground?
    Sinclair Vinemont is in trouble. Even though Stella chose his brother, she is still solely his. Even though she is away from him nothing can break the pull that is between them. But if time has taught him anything, it’s that good things come to an end and they never really had a good thing going in the first place. As the next trial nears he will have to choose between the loyalty to his family and his new found feelings for his captive. Can he break her or will he have to pay the ultimate price?
    This novel takes place pretty much where the first left off. It starts to lull you in a false sense of comfort and then BAM! The punches start rolling and don’t let up for a second. The dread in this story is thrown up a notch along with the depravity and violence. At the same time the push and pull between Stella and Sinclair is magnified tenfold. You can feel their love, lust, desperation, and even hate.
    Ultimately this was an amazing follow up to the Counsellor!! The emotions of the characters and the decisions they had to make left me reeling and begging for more! I’m so unbelievably excited for the next installment in the Acquisition series, although I hate to have to wait all the way till April for it to come out!!! All in all, if you have read the Counsellor, and hell even if you haven’t, seriously come check out Magnate, I promise you, you won’t regret it!!!



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