The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

The Copper Promise (The Copper Cat #1)

  • By Jen Williams
  • Editions: audiobook, ebook, paperback
  • Expected publication: July 5th 2016 by Angry Robot (first published February 13th 2014)
  • Genre: Adult High Fantasy / Adventure
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Quite fun
  • rating-system3

    There are some tall stories about the caverns beneath the Citadel – about magic and mages and monsters and gods. Wydrin of Crosshaven has heard them all, but she’s spent long enough trawling caverns and taverns with her companion Sir Sebastian to learn that there’s no money to be made in chasing rumours.
    But then a crippled nobleman with a dead man’s name offers them a job: exploring the Citadel’s darkest depths. It sounds like just another quest with gold and adventure …if they’re lucky, they might even have a tale of their own to tell once it’s over.
    These reckless adventurers will soon learn that sometimes there is truth in rumour. Sometimes a story can save your life.

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: The high fantasy world of The Copper Promise (Ede) had fun elements, like mages, magic, some steampunk-like creatures, some cool hybrids, gods, dragons – a lot of fun! The Citadel had this sort of Maya-like air to it, and I loved the whole Y’Ruen&army concept.
    Characters: I had a strange reaction to the main cast. I loved Wydrin to bits, I really liked Sebastian, and didn’t much like Frith. Wydrin was snarky, funny, the agile thief who can fend for herself, sort of – a strong female character and a charismatic one. Sebastian was funny too, the brave knight looking out for those around (and gay, if I didn’t get it wrong – though there’s no focus on romance, kudos for diversity always). Frith had revenge as main motivation, and despite being fun in combination with Wydrin and what he went through making it easier to empathize with him, I didn’t much care for him. I felt they were well built characters though, regardless of my likes or dislikes.
    Plot: The adventures of the three bring them together, apart, and together again. I’m not often a fan of adventure, tbh. More of a mystery/romance type of gal, myself. But because I liked two of the three, I was into the stories. The pace felt a bit slow, maybe, overall, with highs and lows as opposed to a steady increase of tempo until reaching the conclusion. As this is a 4 in 1 sort of novel, it didn’t surprise me.
    Writing: Third person, past tense narrative, multiple POV. The writing style has that high fantasy air to it. I think I would have enjoyed the story a lot more had it been Wydrin’s story only, for instance, or Sebastian’s story only – but that’s just a guess, based on the fact that I liked them and their voices better (they both had a great sense of humor).
    Curb Appeal: Really awesome cover, hooking blurb – high fantasy craving impulsive buy material.

    I had fun reading the novel, but it wasn’t edge of my seat sort of excitement for me. Keep in mind I’m generally a fan of UF, PNR, mystery, and thriller though. Considering the fact that I often don’t much enjoy high fantasy adventure, in fact, I will say it did a lot for me. I do recommend The Copper Promise to fans of high fantasy and adventure, to fans of diverse and rich fantastic worlds full of interesting creatures, cultures, and characters.


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