Bane by Rie Warren & Excerpt

Bane (Bad Boys of X-Ops #4)

  • By Rie Warren
  • Editions: ebook
  • Expected publication: July 27th 2016
  • Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: In the end, everybody falls in love!
  • rating-system5

    High stakes.
    Low margins.
    And everyone wants the woman I’m teamed up with dead.
    Swagger, strut, snarl. Three things I can do with both eyes closed. Oh, and shoot the shit out of tangos. I always do my job, whether it’s patching up a fellow operative or taking down a serious threat. Apparently this time my job is to babysit Baby Spy.
    We’ve followed the Los Reyes de Guerra cartel to the drug-trafficking capital, Mexico City. Our orders? Get in with the guerrillas and ultimately take them down. There’s only one problem—I have another set of mission directives linked to Kiki AKA Baby Spy.
    Should be easy enough. Except it seems I’ve developed an unhealthy attraction to Kiki, along with an inconvenient conscience. She’s a wild woman with an unforgiving attitude that definitely makes me bone hard for her.
    Nothing is as it appears, least of all Kiki Damage.
    Yeah. They call me Baby Spy. I’m fully aware the entire T-Zone team blames me for narking out a previous mission gone wrong. So, I can’t understand why the powers that be assigned me to this op. Or maybe I can, which just makes my situation even more dire.
    I know Bane wants me, but I’m beginning to think he has an ulterior motive for keeping me close. And it’s not just the panty-melting hot sex with the big, gruff, silent killer. There’s something incredibly vulnerable in the way Bane watches me, like he’s looking for one last saving grace.
    None of that matters now. When the situation heats up, I find out Bane’s real mission. I may have fallen in love with him, but it’s already too late. This entire web of lies goes a lot higher than any of us ever imagined, and my neck is only the first one on the line.
    Bane includes a special series epilogue from the badass women: Jade, Tilly, Blaize, and Kiki.

    ~ Author


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: The first half of the story takes place in Mexico and the second half takes place in the United States.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Griffin Bane and Kiki Danger aka Katherine Dillon. Bane has always been dubbed the killer with no morals within the T-Zone organization and has just been tasked with the impossible. His head and heart are in conflict and the closer he gets to Baby Spy aka Kiki, the more lines between professional and personal get blurred. Can he take out the bad guys and follow his heart? Or will his head take over the decision making and have him do something that he will regret for the rest of his life? Kiki Danger has always been on the outside looking in, and her time at T-Zone hasn’t been any different. But one guy has caught her gaze and captivated her mind. Griffin Bane is the epitome of the strong silent type and she can’t get enough. When they are paired up on an op together, she can’t help but fall for him, and in the end is shocked by the news she receives. Can they work through the startling information? Or will she be forced to defend herself and become a lone wolf once again?
    Plot: This story was all about taking down the bad guys and I loved it! These bad guys were a little closer to home and it was a twist that I didn’t see coming! But in addition to taking down the criminals there was a great romance between Bane and Kiki. The main characters complimented each other so well and I definitely thought they were meant for one another.
    Writing: This novel is told in first person point of view of Bane! But what really made this last novel special was the different points of view in the epilogue chapter, which were all from the heroine’s point of view!
    Curb Appeal: I really liked this cover! It screams Bane and speaks of his more simplistic side. It isn’t flashy like Walker’s cover was and I thought it fit this story perfectly! As much as the blurb tells you things, it really does leave out great shocking parts!
    Ultimately: I loved this novel! I’m so sad that series is ending because I really loved all of these characters! They each grew so much from when we were first introduced to them and I can’t believe their stories are done! All in all, if you are in the mood for great high action novel with a healthy dose of hot sexy fun, please come check out Bane, and hell the whole series while you’re at it!!!!


    The door creaked open, and I slit my eyes in that direction. Between the dark and shadows, I fathomed Kiki’s slim frame entering the room.
    “Where you been, girl?” I grumbled from my cot.
    “Went shopping with Blaize. Got mani-pedis too. What’d you think?” Her low voice shivered across the quiet room—the sound alone setting my cock on edge.
    I barked a laugh. That attitude. Damn. My dick stiffened even more beneath the thin blanket.
    “That’s all well and good, but Blaize returned hours ago.”
    “Had to get my hair blown out too.” She snarked back. “Mind if I turn on a light?”
    Like fuck she got her hair done—or her nails. The woman was rough and tumble, just the way I liked her.
    “Go ahead.” Hell yeah. Shine some light on her getting undressed.
    I was already naked, and as the light popped on, I sat half-up. The blanket rolled down to my hips, revealing the beginnings of the tats on my shoulders that ranged up the back of my neck. A gritty design of all black ink—symbols that resonated. Brass knuckles, a smoking gun, bullets on fire . . .
    No unicorns, rainbows, or fluffy shit for me. No wise sayings or inspirational words worn on my skin.
    But—dead enter—one name hid among the other marks on my skin. Someone I’d always carry in my heart.
    Kiki’s gaze took a clean sweep of me—my muscled torso, the brown hair centered down my abs and leading to my cock below. She probably noticed the tented fabric, too.
    No mistaking a hard dick practically waving in your face.
    She wore a small grin as she started shucking the sweet leather yoke holster strapped across her chest. Kiki came included with a fucklot of gear all attached to that yoke. KA-BARs she handled with skill and care, twin Glocks she set on safety.
    “You going to watch?” She asked, bending over to unbuckle her boots.
    “Yeah.” Rubbing a hand over my mouth, I hid the wolfish grin. “Could do the gentlemanly thing, but I’m not really that guy.” I shrugged.
    She chuckled. “I can see that.”
    “Oh. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” My grin stretched even wider if possible.
    “Really?” She whipped off the boots, letting them fall where they lay. “You hiding something?”
    She tugged her shirt over her head, revealing a simple black bra and a mesmerizing body. The woman wasn’t a classical beauty. She wasn’t BBF. She was gorgeous, edgy, different, and I liked it.
    “You can come find out if you want.” The words rumbled from my chest as the heat in the room intensified with every shred of clothing she shed.
    “Maybe next time.” With her belt unbuckled, she shimmied her narrow pants off her perfect hips and lean legs. “Thought you didn’t like me, anyway.”
    “I’m usually not that quick to judge. Been on the receiving end of assholes’ preconceived notions before.” I hungrily watched as she bent over.
    Nice ass. Firm full cheeks. Skimpy black bikini panties.
    I could definitely work with that.
    “So, do you have the other guys’ backs or mine in this op?” She stood before me, nothing but ivory skin, wicked eyes, nicely shaped tits.
    Very fit for a fuck. Totally in shape for a nightlong naked workout.
    The pale blonde/light pink streaked fauxhawk. The inked sleeves all the way down to the backs of her hands—black tats in delicate paisley and sunburst designs. Too recognizable for someone in our line of work? Maybe. But she had an instant in with the younger, hot-on-the-button criminal element.
    And with me.
    Kiki usually covered her hair with a skullcap, her ink with leather gloves.
    She was one fucking cool cat. I didn’t care what the other dudes thought about her.
    “Your back. I’ve got yours.” Unless I have to shoot you in the back.
    I pushed my blanket even farther down, showing off the hard-worked cuts of muscle on my lower abs. Six pack? That and more.
    “Why don’t you come have mine?” I invited, the words growling out.
    “That bed isn’t big enough for the both of us.” Kiki sauntered toward her cot. “But your ego sure the hell is supersized.”
    She shuffled under the covers on her cot across from me. Reaching a hand out from the blanket, she dropped the black bra onto the floor between us.
    “Damn,” I whispered in a hoarse tone. Then a laugh thickened from my throat. “It’s not ego, girl. It’s confidence.”
    She flipped to her side, facing me as her fingers fumbled for the light switch. “Goodnight, Mr. Confidence. Hope you sleep well with that boner I just gave you.”

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