Ghost on the Case by Carolyn Hart

Ghost on the Case (Bailey Ruth #8)

  • By Carolyn Hart
  • Editions: audiobook, ebook, hardcover, paperback
  • Expected publication: October 3rd 2017 by Berkley
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal Mystery
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Absolutely aweomse
  • bomy award of excellence

    Bailey Ruth finds herself comforting a distraught sister when she’s sent to Adelaide, Oklahoma, on her latest mission. Susan Gilbert receives a $100,000 ransom demand for her younger sibling. When the caller wants Susan to pay a visit to her wealthy boss and take the cash from his safe, Bailey Ruth follows Susan to the home. But she finds herself in a quandary, knowing that robbery is hardly a Heavenly pursuit.
    While Susan waits to hear back from the kidnappers, Bailey Ruth attempts to piece together how the criminals targeted Susan and how they know about her boss’s money. At a luncheon the previous week, Susan’s boss asked her to open the safe so all the attendees knew it was filled with cash. Could one of the rich man’s closest confidants be behind the abduction?
    Bailey Ruth is positive she can use her detective skills to figure out which luncheon guest arranged the kidnapping. But an unexpected twist in the case soon has Bailey Ruth seeking a murderer who has plans to send more victims to the great beyond…

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: Oddly enough, we start pretty much in Heaven – literally. But our star is an Adelaide, Oklahoma native and the story takes us there.
    Characters: Bailey Ruth was funny, witty, and seemed nice. She was also a lover PIs, and how much cooler can it get than that? I loved her practical sense and quick wit. On top of that, all her sayings about how to deal with are hilarious – and pretty much on point, if you ask me, lol. I really appreciated how determined and resilient she was, doing all the heavy-lifting necessary to get the job done.
    Sam was a good guy too, and I liked them working together when they did.
    Plot: The ghost amateur detective mystery is engaging and well paced. Sylvie’s kidnapping is just the tip of the iceberg, and it was great how story got more and more layered. Bailey Ruth’s investigative method seemed to me a bit reminiscent of Hercule Poirot’s, in that she gleamed info then used logic and psychology to build the case step by step for herself and the reader alike. And yet who the culprit was remained a mystery until close to the very end – also in the vain of Poirot mysteries, imo. Very good tension buildup and active pace of events.
    Writing: First person, past tense narrative, Bailey Ruth’s POV. Conversational style, that was very easy and fun to follow. I truly loved the easy humor and wit of her voice.
    Curb Appeal: Nice cover, hooking blurb – impulsive buy material for my amateur sleuth cravings.

    Considering the fact I came into this series with novel #8 and it was a smooth entry, lol, I say you guys give this a try even if you haven’t read any in the series so far – like I hadn’t. It’s well-worth your time, and it makes it on my list of fav reads of the year, receiving my Bomy Award of Excellence.
    I recommend Ghost on the Case to fans of ghosts and MCs, amateur sleuths with a paranormal twist, and well-built characters and murder mysteries that involve a lot of fun and happy endings.


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