The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

The Innocent Wife

by Amy Lloyd
January 25th 2018 by Hanover Square Press
Genre: Adult Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
In a Flutter: Twisted – yey!

Twenty years ago, Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida’s Red River County. Now he’s the subject of a true-crime documentary that’s whipping up a frenzy online to uncover the truth and free a man who has been wrongly convicted.
A thousand miles away in England, Samantha is obsessed with Dennis’s case. She exchanges letters with him, and is quickly won over by his apparent charm and kindness to her. Soon she has left her old life behind to marry him and campaign for his release.
But when the campaign is successful and Dennis is freed, Sam begins to discover new details that suggest he may not be quite so innocent after all …
But how do you confront your husband when you don’t want to know the truth?

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Fluttering Thoughts:

Worldbuilding: The original crime scene was in Red River Country, Florida. Sam’s home is Bristol, and the prison is in Altoona – a few settings.
Characters: Sam is fascinated with Dennis, who’s convicted of rape&murder of a kid. She’s lonely, unhappy, and develops an obsession for him. It’s sad for many reasons; one of them is the fact that it seems kind of transparent to me that she’s setting herself up for a big disappointment. As her infatuation gets her the object of her desires, we slowly find out more about her past, her guilty conscience, her insecurities. It was very interesting to see her react to Dennis and what she found out, in the end.
Plot: The story is twisted and intriguing, super full of tension. I loved that twisty feeling!
Writing: Third person, past tense narrative, Sam’s POV. She was kind of a nutjob, I felt, but not the charismatic type. Her voice came across as weird and a bit creepy.
Curb Appeal: Cool cover, hooking blurb – impulsive buy material for my Thriller moods.

I recommend The Innocent Wife to fans of Mrital Thriller and twisted stories about serial killers.


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