Prisoner of the Crown by Jeffe Kennedy

Prisoner of the Crown (The Chronicles of Dasnaria #1)

by Jeffe Kennedy
Expected publication: June 12th 2018 by Rebel Base Books
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Source: NetGalley
In a Flutter: Interesting journey

She was raised to be beautiful, nothing more. And then the rules changed . . .
In icy Dasnaria, rival realm to the Twelve Kingdoms, a woman’s role is to give pleasure, produce heirs, and question nothing. But a plot to overthrow the emperor depends on the fate of his eldest daughter. And the treachery at its heart will change more than one carefully limited life . . .
Princess Jenna has been raised in supreme luxury—and ignorance. Within the sweet-scented, golden confines of the palace seraglio, she’s never seen the sun, or a man, or even learned her numbers. But she’s been schooled enough in the paths to a woman’s power. When her betrothal is announced, she’s ready to begin the machinations that her mother promises will take Jenna from ornament to queen.
But the man named as Jenna’s husband is no innocent to be cozened or prince to charm. He’s a monster in human form, and the horrors of life under his thumb are clear within moments of her wedding vows. If Jenna is to live, she must somehow break free—and for one born to a soft prison, the way to cold, hard freedom will be a dangerous path indeed…


Fluttering Thoughts:

Worldbuilding: Yessssss, Dasnaria! I’m a total fangirl of the Twelve Kingdoms world, and this one is such an interesting setting and culture!
Characters: Jenna is a character I loved dearly instantly. I could tell who she was and what the basic story would be because of Harlan’s involvement and knowing what I do from reading pretty much the whole world of the Twelve Kingdoms. Even expecting what would go, it broke my heart to go through the story. But I knew the basic idea of where it would go, so it didn’t break my heart without giving me hope. Had I not known where it would go, I might have experienced a bumpier ride, because this isn’t a romance (at least, not yet, from the blurb and etc), so I had no reason to think there would be a happy ending.
All of that made me love Jenna all the more, and I admired her dignity and elegance in the face of pain.
Plot: This is not a romance, but a story of surviving abuse and making your way to freedom. It’s heartbreaking, but beautiful.
Writing: First person, past tense narrative, Jenna’s POV. Loved her voice.
Curb Appeal: Cool cover, hooking blurb – insta-buy author name for me, anyways.

I recommend Prisoner of the Crown to fans of stories about surviving abuse and rich fantasy worlds with awesome culture.


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