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BOOK CHICK CITY’S 100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge 2013!

Yes, I am slowly attacking challenges, lol. I love them. This one in particular because 100 is such a cool, round value. Geeky thing to say, I know, I know. But I love geeky things :DSo I am doing this challenge, I did last year as well. And I'm using the Goodreads Reading Challenge to keep track of it too. I love Goodreads, I'll never tire of saying so.Here's this year's widget: 2013 Reading Challenge L.E.Olteano has read 2 books toward her goal of 100 books. hide Read more [...]

Book Chick City’s 100+ Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2012!

Yes, I am signing up for it again!!I did fill the BCC 100+ Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011 already, read some 130 books up to date (in 6 months, since I really got into it in like July xDDD) and still counting, so I'm totally signing up again this year. Don't give me that look, it fits with my other 2012 challenges as well and yes, I am a bit of a challenge fangirl xDDDSo for this year we'll wait it out until it starts, you know, so I can put here the Goodreads widget for it again and we'll check my progress easily. Have you guys signed up Read more [...]